Product information :

Exclusive agency in Taiwan for Caravell and Danfrost originated from Demark (CE ISO9001 ISO14001 certificate)

Temperature Range between - 18 ℃ and - 28 ℃ (adjustable)

The center of the frozen food can reach -18 ℃ which meet with GMP requirement

Copper Tubing, Skin condenser, Danfoss or ACC compressor

Accessories including strong castors, Control Panel, adjustable thermostat, baskets, etc.

Power : 110V/60HZ ( Optional : adjustable thermostat for both chilled and frozen)

NI series: Alumina frame, Tempered sliding glass lids , Light canopy

NL series: Insulated foam Lid, Strong hinge allows opening allow different angle.

Counter cabinet and Double deck freezers

Product Specification:

NI series: Chest Freezer sliding glass lids →

Caravell: 6 models ranged from 75 cm to 177 cm in width
Danfrost: 4 models ranged from 72.4 cm to 170.4 cm in width

NL series: Chest Storage freezer with Solid Lid

1.8 inches to 6 inches; 6 selections of Danfrost, 5 selections of Caravell
Caravell: 6 models ranged from 75 cm to 177 cm in width
Danfrost: 5 models ranged from 54.5 cm to 180 cm in width


Service network :

4 branches in Taiwan , free delivery

One year warranty under proper operation


In 24 hour service.

North Taiwan Service line: 02 23939171# 33

Center Taiwan Service line: 04 24624515

South Taiwan Service line: 07-2248805

E-mail address: