Cygnus has been founded forty years ago with steady growth and continuous expansion of diverse management. Cygnus has strived to make it in every possible way to achieve the pace of rapid growth of Taiwan economy globally.

Today electronic and high technology industries are the main stream in Taiwan. Taiwan is not only the leader of these industries but also enlarge its market share in the worldwide. Our commitment to this is working together with the clients to reach their prospective goal.

Our principle is to import high end products to promote local industries and exploit affordable household electronics to benefit the citizens in Taiwan.

We foresee Cygnus, our clients, and consumers to benefit from a triumph of the economic development. And this will carry on the success of Cygnus.


Cygnus is to be a leading trading company in diversified high technology products and related services. As an enterprise, Cygnus will also continue to engage the economy and society of development