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Cygnet markets products for main raw materials of electrolytic capacitor, including anode and cathode aluminum foil and electrolytic capacitor paper. More than 30 years ago when Taiwan 's electronics industry was in the beginning stage, Cygnet established the first anode aluminum foil factory cooperating, with American Republic Foil Ltd. and providing slitting sizing service. It helped the local electrolytic capacitor manufacturing plants to obtain raw materials conveniently and enhance their the vigorous future development. At the same time Cygnet's set up a subsidiary company, GeeRun Industrial CO., LTD, marketing aluminum foil . Therefore, until now GeeRun is more well known than Cygnet to customers.

After the Japanese consumer electronic industry became much more competitive than U.S. Leading American Republic Foil Corp, Republic Foil was knocked out in the market. Cygnet was authorized as exclusive distributor in Taiwan for Japanese KDK anode aluminum foil because of our professional marketing experiences. Cygnet also obtained the trust from Tokushu Paper co. Ltd. It authorized Cygnet to be a Taiwan exclusive agent to promote the electrolytic paper. As the quality of Taiwan electrolytic capacitor industry was well developed, our clients requested higher and higher quality for raw materials. As a result, Tokushu cooperated with Daifuku and started to produce the MEX series electrolytic paper, made from abaca and esparto grass. Tokushu's products were extremely stable and recognized in the field. After Cygnus marketed this product, the sales kept breaking the record. We received gold rewards of appreciation from the supplier many times.

In 2001, Cygnet set up its Shenzhen office in China and became the exclusive agent of ALUKO Corporation, a Korean Corporation, in China and Taiwan for marketing anode and cathode aluminum foil. Cygnet finally could provide the main materials of electrolytic capacitor. We then rent a warehouse in duty free area in Shenzhen and offered efficient delivery to the customers. Therefore, we got more and more satisfaction from our valuable customers.

Cygnet has been promoting the products to meet our partners' requirement and gaining the strong approval from customer in services. Cygnet has an well known reputation as u gold brand, quality services, trustworthy v in this filed.

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