Cygnus began as a trading company in the Sixties,established to supply frioen vegetables to U.S. troops in Vietnam. Whule E.I.Du Pont chose us as their dealer of Freon gas, Cygnus became one of the largest wholesalers in Taiwan very quickly. In the following years, such prestigious companies as Sumitomo Light Metal Indus-tries of Japan, Atochem (EIF) of France and Caravell of Denmark were added as major partners in the early stage. The product line was soon expanded to include air . conditioning equipment and parts, copper tubing, freezers, refrigera-tion cabinets and show cases.

In the early Seventies, Cygnus further diversified into the fast growing electronic market in Taiwan A strong relationship was developed with Republic Foil, a subsidiary of National Steel(USA).Utilizing their technical support,Cygnus rapidly became a major supplier,processor and slitting agent of aluminium foil in Taiwan.The addition of a line of electrolytic capacitor paper from Japan made Cygnus a key supplier of rawmaterials to the Electronics, a sister company, was formed then to manufacture electrolytic capacitors.This move twenty years ago has proven quite successful. Aside from that, filtration materials, Westpoint home appliances, IMA tea bag /pharmaceutical packing machines and Mogul water treatment products weve added to our supply list one by one.

Continuously working with Dexter Corporation is undoubtedly a milestone in Cygnus history. Dexter Corporation, a Fortune 500 company founded in 1767 and listed as the oldest one on the New York Stock Exchange, is a multinational company serving five strategic markets from food industry to the most advanced industry namely, aerospace, automotive, electronic, food packaging and medical products. Dexter provides a long list of brand names and trade marks such as Assure, Crown Metro, Hysol, Sicon and Soft Dex. This relationship has been very rewarding and continues to grow.

Cygnus manages with a long term outlook. A well organized sales network serves Taiwan. This network is supported by sales outlets in six major cities. Additionally, we are extending our services to China through the Shanghai Liaison Office of Calicon International Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Cygnus, located in Los Angeles, California, After thirty years, Cygnus has a very strong position in production,sales,agency,import and export in Taiwan. Having continually grown and developed strong, long term business relationships with global companies, we feel Cygnus has a bright future.



1968 April

  Established Cygnus Inc.
1973.May   Established GeeRun Industrial Inc.
1975 September   Opened Kao-Hsiung and Taichung branches
1978 June   Established Cygnet IND,CO., LTD
1981 June   Changed existing brand name to Gemmy Industrial CO., LTD
1981 October   Opened a manufactory site for customizing electrolytic capacitor paper and alumina foil in Taoyuan
1992 July   Opened Shanghai Branch in China
1992 December   Demolished the manufactory and rebuilt a new warehouse in Taoyuan
1994 November   Opened Guangzhou branch in China
1997 November   Opened Fuzhou branch in China
2001 March   Opened Shenzhen branch in China
2002 October   Established Geminus Shanghai Co.,LTD
2005 August   Opened Tan Jin branch in China


■ TURNOVER '06: US$26 Million


■ SALES OFFICES: 6 in Taiwan, 5 in China



■ Cygnus Incorporated

■ Cygnet Industrial Co., Ltd.

■ Geminus Shanghai Co., Ltd.

■ Guangzhou Tongjinda Scientific &Technology
  Co., Ltd.

■ Paean International Inc.

■ Sing Show Enterprise Co., Ltd

■ YouLuck International Ltd.

■ Crest-Pro Ltd

■ Good credit in the market 38 years

■ Well experienced team

■ Sales Network in Taiwan and China

■ Satisfactory service to customers

■ Solid financial capability

■ Ready to serve principals

  ■ A dependable distributor in Taiwan

■ A professional bridge between Suppliers and Customers.

■ A partner to carry out principal's policy and strategy in

■ Principal may take Cygnus as its office to promote its
  business from here.